Saturday, February 27, 2010

local mountain pass

hi, there is really nice weather today, so I decided to go make some pictures of local mountain pass called Pezinska Baba. don't worry I took father's camera, no cellphone pics today.
this is how it looks from far away:

here is the map of hillclimb events which are taking place on pezinska baba:
these two corners are actually located before starting point:

here you can see starting point (under that blue plate):
on the left is paddock with one small and one big tarmac place.
the small one:
okey, whatever, meh:
big tarmac place where I was few months back on sliding event:
few other pics from paddock:
then I continued uphill, but there isn't to much places to stop and shoot, so I got only few corners.
this is the first of four or five serious corners, numbers 8 and 9 on the map:
rest place around number 29 on the map:
and finish:
track on the map is about 5km long and have about 250m elevation.
there is few nice corners on the other side of hill too, but I really don't know why they don't race there also.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

patching / goggles

nothing is better than shower after work in garage.
yes, I was working on starlet today.

it looks almost like nothing has changed, but it took me about 4 hours.
here are pics of freshly zinc sprayed vintage goggles, as promised.
in one piece:
I'm looking forward to tomorrow's D'n'B party, Saturday and Sunday I may be working on Starlet with Rebro again. 

new t-shirt

this cool t-shirt just arrived, I can't wait to wear it.
thanks sharkrobot.
and yes, my cellphone camera just can't shoot black...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

hookah / book

except goggles project there are few other things that happened today.
for example I was on one monument:
with Rebro and Ivan to have a water pipe (or hookah, shisha):

ha, first good photo of myself on this blog:
as you can see, today was perfect weather with temperature about 15°C (59°F), it would be shame to miss chance like this, to have first outdoor hookah this year. 
I was quite in lack of good book recently, cyberpunk one especially, so I bought one:   
this one is my third book from Gibson.
and yes, except cars and food I'm interested in cyberpunk, dieselpunk and steampunk things also.

welding goggles

yesterday I started new restoration project:
old welding goggles from my grandpa.
taking apart:
and today I was clening them with my latest toy for dremel:
right now the parts are zinc sprayed, and waiting for zinc to cure. 
new pics soon.
meantime I ordered these for another project and some new spare glasses for vintage ones.

Monday, February 22, 2010


today started really classy with good weather:
then lunch and coffee with Rebro and Ivan :
right after I returned from shop with load of 14 beers I started patching that corner from previous update:
and as I was welding it from outside:
I pierced my head on this:
like this:
it's nothing serious but I'm pretty sure it has hit my skull bone...
so I call it a day and went to shower.
more soon, stay tuned, as always.

saturday update

yes today...

we patched sill completly on saturday:
rebro cleaned damper turret with wire wheel brush and rust removing shit:
I cleaned rear seatbelt mount, which is now waiting for patch:
and we prepared this corner for patching:
that's it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

new stuff

sup, this update will be short because I'm quite tired and heading for bed.
I bought new toy when i was at tool shop day before yesterday:
chrome vanadium socket wrench, wire wheel brushes and cutting discs.
today also things for Dremel.
right after that we had some lunch:

Rebro is here to work on car over weekend. Rebro's action pic with hammer:
we started patching sill today. mine action pic with welder:

and cutting rust under rear fender:
I really hope that there will remain something:
just in case there wont:
more tomorrow, stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

tools and stuff

hi there, update is here. not really.

I wanted to go to garage today, but I ended late in work.
and on top of that I run out of wire wheel brushes, so I must end early tomorrow and don't miss closing hours of tool shop.

but don't worry, I promised post about tools that I'm using, so I made pics in advance.

starting with electric tools, there is angle grinder with cutting and grinding discs.
I have also Dremel that is kind of handy in narrow spaces.
what reminds me that I must buy some grinding stones, cutting discs and some wire brushes for Dremel too.
next are my manual tools of choice.
meter and magic-marker for obvious things, but other four are multipurpose tools.
wire brush for cleaning welds and other stuff.
old screwdriver as chisel, holder of steel that I'm welding, and for picking seam sealer and other stuff.
pliers for cutting welding wire.
and my only and treasured hammer for forming steel.
here's my trusty welder.
and it won't be complete without protection things.
good gloves are essential. leather gloves for welding, because I won't burn my hands, and cloth gloves with rubber palms for working with metal and tools.
welding helmet with auto-darkening, dust mask and ear plugs, when you won't lose one of your senses earlier than in sixty.
all previously mentioned tools I'm using every time when I'm repairing Starlet.
any of them isn't expensive or something, so when you have place, time and hands, you can repair bodyshell.
and you'll learn things as you are working through your own hands, it's not like rocket science or skill you born with.

last thing, working on car must be FUN, so enjoy it.