Friday, May 28, 2010


outside is sunny and all, and I really dont feel like working in garage.
but here are two pics only for you, because I feel good.
aquarium filled with sand:
and car related flower pot:
tomorrow I'm visiting 4th National Aviation Days and maybe day after that King of Drift Slovakia 2010.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


yes, everything was grey after I painted my room yesterday with this:
this is how it was painted before, walls light grey, ceiling white:
and now, in dark-ish grey:
few days before I started with welding trolley.
 next time it'll be finished, maybe, or no...
and yes, aquarium progress, filter filled:
but still I miss few things to finish, like stones, lighting, electrical stuff, water and fishes.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


last of today's updates is about aquarium stuff.
at Friday I picked up my order from glaziery, cheap, fast, good quality, shout out guys from Raca:
big one is 5mm thick cover glass for 200l aquarium:
other 10 pieces are for filter, which I glued today:
proper use of protection :D
I'm really happy how it looks:

there is only one minor leak, which won't affect function of filter.

going CO2

yes yes, I had bought new things for MAG welding.
CO2 bottle which is made-over fire extinguisher, cheaper than new bottle, and you can change empty one for full in shop, without waiting for refill:
small CO2 pressure regulator:
5kg of 0,8mm wire:
nozzle and plug for 0.8mm wire:
then I swapped polarity and checked feeder wheel:
all set:
next time I'll be learning how to weld with CO2 in the process of welding trolley for welder and bottle.
in that case I bought these:

MVC 2010

which stands for Malokarpatska Vinna Cesta (Small Carpathian Wine Route).
which is two day event where you wisit wine cellars and wineries, tasting the best of local wines.
I was really busy, but here are few crappy cellphone pics.
at Mrva and Stanko winery entrance:
Vinarstvo Dolany Barrique cellar:
Barrique barrels:
some wine cellar in Dolany, IIRC:

In Vino, insane building, kickass interior design, bad wine:
we visited many other cellars and wineries, but all following photos have motion blur :D
my personal choice of wines:
I'm really looking foreward to autumn MVC, because many displayed wines were not in bottles to buy yet.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

no wire

yep, started welding today, but this is everything what I did because I run out of welding wire:
tomorrow I'll try to get some wire, but instead of flux wire, which I was using until now, I'll get normal and bottle with gas.
so, instead of welding I was doing some minor stuff, like
demounting exhaust, for better access to underbody:
cleaning and spraying fuel inlet:
just in case if you are wondering how the hole looks like:
and I tryed body filler on one of the fender corners:
I'll try to sand it next time.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

guess what

Starlet update!
nothing breakthrough, just cleaned and painted few things with rustoleum.
fuel tank mounts:
also dampers, because that white spray is no good, now I'm deciding whether paint springs too.
fuel tank cleaned from underside, and painted entire with two liers of some caoutchouc gray car underbody shit, or what. (note to self: fumes=colorful dreams)
next time in garage I'll be welding some things which we forgot, then cleaning inside of car and sealing welds with that caoutchouc shit, maybe painting it red.
when things turn well, next step is underside of car, cleaning, sealing, painting with black bitumen shit. mount springs, dampers, start the engine... if it'll that easy.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


going wider.
new header photo comming soon.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I was at military airport today.
touched this:
at weekend I finally finished shrimparium at work:
and bought these fellas, and black sand for 200l aquarium:
nothing new about Starlet, sorry