Tuesday, November 1, 2011

blown head gasket, part 3, cleaning

Hi, in this post you can see recent work on Starlet head.
Right after removing all valves it looked like this:
and when it got back from mashine shop:
In meanwhile I cleaned all guts:
just for idea with what shit I have the honor:
pile of clean stuff:
and rocker arms:
another for idea, before:
back in one piece:
and togeather:
On last picture you can see how it sits on my table right now.
There are bunch of things to do, but next step is valve lapping.
See you in part 4.

blown head gasket, part 2, creativity

Hi, in this post you will see thing which took place after removing head from engine.
Remember exhaust headers?
Separating them from head was easy, real challange was these 3 nuts:
Scraped oil slime from valve cover:
And hurray to dishwasher, yes dishwasher:
You could smell engine oil from dishes two days after, but this was worth it:
Next was few bits from engine, but this time hand washied:
In order to have head machined, I had to remove all valves and stuff.
First was this bar, which was easy:
Second were valves, but how without valve spring compressor? No plans, just plain creativity and this pile of junk:
Fast turned in something like this:
It turned out to be a realy good tool, but those valve locking washers were stubborn as hell.
In the end I removed all valves and sent head to be machined.
More in part 3.

blown head gasket, part 1, dismantling

Hi, I'm back with my bad english and bad pics of Dojci's bad car.
As you may know Starlet has a blown head gasket. For a few months she was just sitting in my garage waiting for a repair. As a winter is comming, my mother wanted to park her car in garage, so I started sourcing gaskets and stuff. Finaly I bought gaskets and found repair manual, so dismantling began.
And one nice weekend:
Guess what we have found under valve cover:
First real problem arose as we couldnt unmount exhaust headers:
Problem solved. Next one is still to clean old head gasket.
My work bench with Starlet bits:
That's all for part one called dismantling.

BTW going back through your own blog is kind of funny, bringing back memories and stuff.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


hi everyone,

I thought I'll surprise you with new post about Starlet.
But story goes like this, Starlet in winter started to smoke and lose water. All spring long she waited in Dojci's garage, so I decided I'll take her, change head gasket and ride her all summer... I wish.

Problem is,
I mean any gasket, head, intake, exhaust, and I'm not speaking about low-budget 2K service manual for torque specs...

So, I'm asking for help, if anybody knows some source of good quality gaskets for 2K engine and service manual, please write me.