Wednesday, July 21, 2010


it all started as a good day, AGAIN...
we cut service hole to the beam where's nut, which secure the control arm bolt...
(how about "after-the-jump" updates? let me know in comments...)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

step-by-step how-to delete rear wiper from impreza wagon

just because... or because its too heavy, or you don't like it, use it, or what ever...

pop-up that plastic cover, remove nut, remove wiper arm, if nut is removed, but wiper arm won't let go, shake it:

remove next nut:

from inside disconnect washer fluid hose:

remove washer fluid jet ring:

disconnect wiper motor electric connector:

remove 3 bolts securing whole wiper assembly:

removed wiper assembly put on roof and light up a cig:

buy plastic dung and silicone it in the hole:

wiper is gone:

open your hood and tear that gray thermal-noise insulation screaming "THIS IS SPARTA!!!!11!":

until you see this:

light up a cig, you are done...


it all started as a good day, I picked up Dojci, we bought some wire wheel brushes and two bolt pullers:
cool so far...
then I removed rear wiper from subaru, next post will be step-by-step guide how-to.
but then we started to pull bolts from control arms:
not a chance, only securing bolt puller in place looked like this... F it, let's try next one:
what, something isn't just right...
you guess what, right?
every F-ing one bolt is rusted to that tube which had to be between that two walls, not pulled through one like nothing's wrong with that... Dojci have close-up pic of removing that tube of the bolt, stay tuned...

Monday, July 19, 2010

few things

sup, nothing new, like always...
hole in aquarium siliconed:
finally with water:
new wireless router, no more wires:
my ex's late birthday party:
tonight's chillin' at Meridian cafe:
and Dojci's dog, Felina, checking on my car:
and yes, Dojci is Rebro, but Rebro is kind of outdated Dojci's nickname... so from now on Rebro is Dojci :D

nothing new...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

nearly there

on Monday has arrived filter for aquarium and few goodies:
actual setup:
tomorrow will be finished glass plug for the hole from the previous filter setup
when I silicone it tomorrow, then next day I can fill the water...
and I got this yesterday from Ivan's girlfriend Lenka:
it's muskellunge which caught Lenka's father, and it's my dinner today...


here comes few holiday pics.
we traveled about 8 hours and this was at our first stop by the sea:
then we went another 3-4 hours to our final destination, which we decided on the spot. 
after all that, face on my car looked all like this:
we lived in apartment with this beautiful view:
one random:
we on the stroll:
and a local fish:
decent vacation, but I'm tired...

back again

hi there,
I'm back from Croatia.
here are few before-holiday news.
old pc in workroom died.
got new laptop, old went to the workroom.
as I work on linux, I must installed Vista for my mother:
dear, how I love Vista... this is where I decided to install win7...
also bought some cheap funky colored leather armchair for reading:
and my TV table were delivered:
and random shot of my worktable setup with new laptop:

Sunday, July 4, 2010

bye bye

I'm going on holiday today...

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

:D :D :D

thanks TheKurumaOtaku for serious laugh