Thursday, December 31, 2009

my impreza

finally i have a little time, so i decided to post a few photos of my impreza.
she's '97 impreza wagon 2.0l engine with 85kW, now she's more like daily / fun car. but i have big plans with her.
here she is, with some work done.
she was not starting, starter pinion wasn't engaging flywheel, so i cleaned starter. that lasted for few months, now she's not starting again, but i sourced new starter, hopefully she'll be all right after new year.

i've begun removing sound deadening material from all car.

once when i was buying thinner for cleaning the mess after sound deadening, i had a little affair with parking lot lamp (: so i have green rear doors right now.

i tossed away carpet to reveal more useless sound deadening.

dead weight gone.

few weeks ago impreza had jubilee, and few weeks after that i had another affair with parking lot lamp, when i was ice sliding...  lucky me

now she's waiting for new starter, doors and fender.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

project starlet

today i was working on rear damper mount point again.
let the photos speak.



and some stitch welding from inside.

i hope next time rear damper mount point will be finished, so i can start working on the other one.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

todays dinner

somebody once said that food photos is killing car blogs, i don't think so.
food is half of my life, so this blog will be half about food, and half about cars, stuff and other things... (:

this was my dinner today, it was chicken schnitzel filled with cheese, speck, sausage and capsicum, with roasted potatoes. and big glass of kofola.

Monday, December 28, 2009

project starlet

so this is my current project, restoration of friend's Toyota Starlet KP61.

this is how it all started.

removed interior and sound deadening material.

cutting off rusted parts and making new ones.

again and again.

rear dampers mount points are the biggest PITA, as you can see.

it'll be challange to put it together (:

this was in short what i was doing few months, there are of course many other rusted / repaired places, which aren't on photos.

first post

hi, this is my first post, just for test.