Monday, June 28, 2010

last hole, maybe?

patched last hole on Starlet today:

next task is to brush underbody and paint bare metal parts with rustoleum before painting it with black underbody shit.
like this:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

back to life

hi, I was quite ill again. I was 3 days in pain, 5 or 6 types of painkillers wasn't working. fortunately my ex is a nurse, so I ended in hospital on infusion on Sunday. now I really know what's the pain.
but I'm good now, there is something wrong with nerve on my right cheek, I'm taking 2 types of meds against pain.

now positive updates, I've made fuseboard for aquarium with lighting timer and plug sockets, because I hate extension cords:
some car updates.
Rebro has lent bimmer of his girlfriend's brother, as turn in we vacum-cleaned and washed it.
group pic of washed cars:
we did some work on Starlet too, here's the hole where I run out of wire:
we decided to chop of rusty lip on trunk, Rebro in action:
all interior welds are now coated in weld sealer:
hole after lip partially patched:
and that's all for now. maybe I'll work on Starlet tomorrow. maybe.

Monday, June 14, 2010

rolling stones

I recently bought stones for aquarium, 39kg (86lbs), can't beat the 15€ price...
brought home, washed and soaked into water for 3 days.
I installed them today, instead of working on Starlet:
crappy pics, but you get the idea, so let me know what do you think about it...
and what would it be for a post without some random pics:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ITS OVER 1000!!1!

I mean the visitors of course.
cant wait to use this:

part two

and here is part two, all about Sunday hiking trip.
the best part, except my feet hurting like 3 days in row, was this road:
yes, we have floods here right now, because of like month of rain, so we must went about half kilometer like this:
it was fun. few random ones for you:
that's all for a while, enjoy last pic for today,
my racing mice (you see what i did there):


I'm sorry for not updating, I was busy being sick, working and other excuses.
so here's double post for you. 
I wasn't on KoD Slovakia 2010, but I had first cool cabrio drive in this year:
some random shot of my ride:
about aquarium filter, I finished it, powered on a realized how fucking noisy that shit is, no, but really you can't sleep in one room with that siphoning noise of overflow. Right now I'm thinking about Eheim eccopro 300.
so, bye bye pic:
and if you remember about the welding trolley I was making, it's like this right now:
end of part one.