Thursday, May 31, 2012

blown head gasket, part 6, plumbing

With head back on, next big step was intake and exhaust headers installation.
If you can remember, we demounted head from block together with exhaust headers,  because there was no way to unscrew 2 bolts. Solution was quite easy, bolts with imbus (allen) head.
Easier said than done, in 3 bolt shops they didnt have them. After long search I sourced them for 5 euro/piece, what an expensive bolts :D
Headers gaskets on:
Headers on:
And yes, plumbing. As you can see I had to source few new hoses and tune them:

This is how the 5 euro bolt looks like:
After that everything went like breeze. Hoses on:
Carburetor back:
Air filter dish and all vacuum hoses:
Patched midle section of exhaust piping:
And everything back in place:
Right after that I fired it up and pulled Starlet out of garage.
At first I wasnt really sure if everything is all right, because it didnt maintain idle revolutins and engine was shaking. But after last weekend i solved everything.
Idle problem was in throtle cable, and shaking was solved by cleaning spark plugs.
Tomorow Im going to do emissions test and we are back on roads.
Stay tuned for more plans with Starlet.

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