Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Starlet news, part 3

After maybe a week of driving I had a call from Dojci telling me that fuell cell is leaking. I didn't notice one micro hole when I was rebuilding the fuel cell. After a week fuel etched its way thru bitumen coating and started leaking.
We cleaned that part of fuel cell, glued the hole with epoxi, painted again with bitumen. Problem solved.

Few days after that I had another call from Dojci telling me that he dropped the exhaust. You had to hear that sound. It broke right after headers. Again easy solution:

I'll lie, if i'll tell you that Starlet is finished. But now she's in state when Dojci can drive her every day without fear of underbody rotting away.
Now he can earn money for new pain, engine swap and other things, while he can still drive.
That's all for today, I hope you have what to read, and tomorow I'm back with other updates.

Starlet news, part 2

Week after work in previous post we installed last things on underbody and moved to the filling of welded parts on outside of the car:
Two coats of body filler and sanding did the trick.
Next job was to paint those places with bitumen:
On the pictures with falsh ypu can see the difference, but in sunlight you can barely spot the overlay.
Few finishing touches were done on the back:
Then we installed interior back and cleaned the car entirely:
We did the water test and found out that one rear light sealing is no good.
So we made one out of plastic table mat:
Last finishing touch:
Few words in part 3.

Starlet news, part 1

I'll start where I finished. New trany:
After a while with whirebrush:
Front arches got zinc spray coating:
As well as front end:
And then one coat of rustoleum:
Front end finished:
We moved to the back and installed fuel cell:
One random just before we put it on all wheels and first fire up after a year:
Cleaned and I had the privilege to take her to fuel station:
One lucky owner:

Then she waited to the naxt weekend to be completly finished, all in next post.

I'm back, again...

Hi, I'm back from no-internet-land and lazy-to-update-land...
I'll start with my troubles with internet. In short, I had provider which use phone line connection, but there is provider which I wanted and he use coaxial cable connection. No problem because we have coaxial cable connection for analog TV from the same provider. I ordered pack of digital TV and 30Mbps internet. Two technicians came to install it and found that our cable have too big attenuation for digital. So I had to change the cable.
This was one part of attenuation problems:
Second were the green cable on the right.
Because of which I had to cut the road:
And re-lay new cable:
Big up to Dojci who helped me out with digging:
I know it looks like short story, but in reality it took about 3-4 weeks, from determination of problems with cable attenuation til instalation of modem.